Maria Eck

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Adult Gold Skating Skills, Pre-Silver Skating Skills,
Adult Silver Singles, And Pre-Bronze Singles.

Skating Background:
I have been taking figure skating lessons for 16 years. I
have helped with teaching skating to all ages and
levels throughout my skating career. I was on the
DePere high school skating team for two seasons. We
placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in moves in the field.

USFS CER professional and PSA member

I have been blessed to have been working with
children for 14 years. I have coached soccer for 5
years. I have played soccer for 15 years. I have 8 years
of gymnastices experience. When I’m not working or at
the rink I like to enjoy nature, reading and writing. A
good day ends with cuddles with my dog Zöe.